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We grow fresh, healthy food to nourish the body and beautiful flowers to nourish the soul.

What We Grow

Cane Creek Farm produces a wide variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year. With a focus on supplying seasonal produce to local families and restaurants, we offer strawberries and lettuces in the spring; squash, eggplants, and tomatoes in the summer; lots of greens in the fall and winter seasons; and shitake mushrooms whenever they flush.

All of our produce is grown using sustainable, chemical-free growing practices. We also grow flowers for bouquets, and raise cattle and sheep on pasture without hormones or antibiotics. We keep a few hens to provide entertainment and eggs.

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About the Farm

We are certified naturally grown

The land of Cane Creek Farm was purchased by the Pugh family from O.W. Adams in 1986. Adams bought the land from Forrest Wade, a half-Cherokee Indian who grew corn in the fertile soil beside the creek. Subdivisions have since been built on three sides of the farm, changing the rural nature of the community.

Cane Creek Farm is a realization of Lynn Pugh's dream to live a more sustainable lifestyle in closer relationship to nature. Health, community, and the environment have always been important to Lynn, and the farm gives her the opportunity to implement and teach those methods that best sustain the health of the family, community, and our natural resources.

Cane Creek Farm
5110 Jekyll Road, Cumming, GA 30040