About Us

Certified Naturally GrownOur purpose is to produce fresh, healthy food to nourish the body and beautiful flowers to nourish the soul. Using sustainable growing practices, we are protecting the environment while preserving and improving the land for future generations of growers and consumers.

What is “sustainable agriculture”? It involves stewardship of both natural and human resources, farming in a manner to insure that the farm, including its land and water, will remain viable and productive for future generations. We do not use chemical-based fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, nor do we administer hormones or antibiotics to our livestock.

Our mission is to encourage others to create a more sustainable lifestyle for themselves, their families and their communities. We enjoy offering a variety of learning experiences–from classes to tours to work shares–for those interested in discovering or deepening their understanding of how to grow their own food using sustainable, chemical-free growing practices. Our ‘students’ include the beginning backyard gardener, the experienced farmer wanting to learn more, and school children spending a day or a week on the farm.

We are a Certified Naturally Grown farm, as this grass-roots organization best fits our philosophies and goals as a small-scale producer selling locally and directly to our customers.

About The Farm

The Pugh Family owns almost eighteen acres along Cane Creek at the end of the road. The farm has almost 4 acres in cultivation in fields of vegetables and flowers, plus an orchard of fruit trees and berries, pastures for sheep, and over 200 shitake mushroom logs. READ MORE

About The Farmer

Cane Creek Farm is the realization of a dream Lynn had for many years. That dream was to live a more sustainable lifestyle, surrounded by a community of people interested in the same pursuit. Lynn gardened on a small scale during the 18 years she taught science in high school and college while she and her husband, Chuck, raised their family. In 2001, as the children went off to their own productive lives, Lynn was able to begin applying her knowledge to transform the land into the productive farm it is today. READ MORE

Press and Awards

Over the years Cane Creek Farm has received several awards and mentions in the press for our hard work. READ MORE