Our mission is to encourage others to create more sustainable lifestyles for themselves, their families and their communities. We enjoy offering a variety of learning experiences–from classes to tours to work shares–for those interested in discovering or deepening their understanding of how to grow their own food using sustainable, chemical-free growing practices. Our ‘students’ include the beginning backyard gardener, the experienced farmer wanting to learn more, and school children spending a day or a week on the farm.


Interns are a vital force at Cane Creek Farm.  In exchange for their daily labor, they receive on-the-job training and weekly discussion sessions with the farmer on farm planning and management.  The goal of the internship program is to prepare people to run their own farms.

Internships are of various lengths between April and October.  Visit our Internships page to apply.

Classes and Workshops

Classes include an Organic Growing Course for Gardeners and Farmers, Organic Gardening Workshop, and Advanced Organic Growing Classes. All classes are held at the farm and provide classroom instruction plus hands-on activities. READ MORE

Farm Tours and Field Trips

Cane Creek Farm is proud to offer learning experiences for adults and children alike. We host Farm Tours and Field Trips for up to fifty participants at one time. The experience will provide a hands-on learning opportunity that supports the Georgia Performance Standards, standards all public schools must meet. READ MORE

Farm Camp

Farm Camp offers children a week-long experience of life on the farm. The children will spend the entire week becoming familiar with nature and the many plants and animals that live on a sustainable farm. They will participate in many of the daily tasks, such as feeding the chickens and gathering eggs, planting seeds, harvesting vegetables and preparing them for a meal, building a worm bin, learning about beneficial insects and pests, and becoming familiar with the trees, flowers, and vegetables that grow in our area of Georgia. And of course, they will have plenty of room to run and have fun being children! READ MORE

Work on the Farm

A working farm always needs an extra hand, and we always enjoy meeting and teaching people interested in farming or maybe just wanting to work on the land, so we encourage you to volunteer with us. Work will vary depending on the season and weather. READ MORE