Classes and Workshops

Organic Growing Course 2018

Lynn has the perfect combination of experience and a scientific and academic background. The course was both practical and intellectual.

Although I am an avid gardener I learned a lot about growing food on a farm-sized scale. I got what I came for, and more.

I met awesome, inspirational people, and looked forward before every class to being surrounded by a beautiful farm while learning more about how to grow food. (And lunch was delicious every time!)

Whether you’re interested in becoming a full-time organic farmer or you just want to produce delicious, healthy food in your backyard, Lynn Pugh’s legendary Organic Growing course will teach you the basics so you can start growing sustainably. The morning presentations and lessons will give you the fundamentals and then you go outside on Cane Creek Farm where you will experience everything from seed starting to soil biology. It’s okay if you’re a total newbie!


And if you’re an experienced gardener, you’ll learn a lot too; Lynn teaches from the state’s first-ever organic curriculum, which she developed. You’ll also get to tour area farms and learn from other experienced farmers.


The field experience provides hands on opportunities to learn farming skills and become familiar with the work of farming. Tools, techniques and other practical matters will be discussed and experienced. This is where you get to experience the fun and fulfillment of farming! Interactions with fellow students will enrich the course experience, so we will enjoy a lunch together at the end of the morning.


This winter, Fundamentals of Organic Growing will start on Feb 24. The classes will be held every other Saturday, Feb. 24 March 10, 24, April 7, 21, and May 5 from 10-3. If you have to miss a day, there are make ups available. The cost of the 6 sessions is $400 payable by check to Cane Creek Farm.  Installment payments and scholarships for veterans are available. For more information or to register, contact Lynn at

Session 1 Feb. 24 – Soil basics

Session 2 Mar 10 – Soil amendments, Fertilizers, Compost, and more

Session 3 Mar 24 – Plants, structure, functions and reproduction

Session 4 Apr 7 – Pest, Disease and Weed management

Session 5 Apr 21 – Crop rotations, cover crops and crop planning

Session 6 May 5 – Record keeping, marketing and food safety






Lunch N’ Learn 2017


Cane Creek Farm’s Lunch N’ Learn Series is held on the second Wednesday of each month, March through October. The active learning experiences take place at the farm, 11 AM – 1 PM, and include a simple lunch made from farm produce and ingredients. The variety of topics are geared towards the backyard farmer who can take the learnings home and implement a new sustainable practice or hobby. The classes are $35 per person, limited to 10 participants, and advance registration is required.

Topics and dates:

April 12 – Plant an organic raised vegetable bed

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May 10 – Plant an organic cut flower bed

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June 7– Postponed till September


July 12 – TBD 

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August 9 – Plant an organic fall garden August is the time to put those seed in the ground for a fall garden! As you take out the squash, beans and cucumbers, you can prepare the ground for fall veggies. We will plant a garden together with kale, collards, carrots, turnips, pac choi, mustard, beets and onions. Location, soil preparation, varieties, maintenance and harvest will also be discussed. After our garden is planted, we will relax and enjoy a delicious lunch of Cane Creek Farm vegetables. 

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September 13 – Build a Bat House

 Encouraging bats to nest near our homes is a natural way to keep your yard bug-free. Join us for our next Lunch N’ Learn series on Wednesday, Sept. 13, as we construct a simple bat house you can hang in your own yard, and learn about how important these mammals are to our entire eco-system 

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October 11 – Grow shiitake mushrooms, inoculate a log We have been growing shitake mushrooms at Cane Creek Farm since 2009 and still have some logs from that year producing mushrooms. During the class we will be inoculating logs with shitake mushroom sawdust spawn so that everyone can take home an inoculated log. The mushrooms should start production in 9-18 months, so you need patience! Instructions on placement and harvest will be given. This is an active class with everyone having a chance to participate in each step

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