Classes and Workshops

Classes are held at the farm and on-line and provide instruction plus hands-on activities.

Organic Growing Course 2016

Lynn has the perfect combination of experience and a scientific and academic background. The course was both practical and intellectual.

Although I am an avid gardener I learned a lot about growing food on a farm-sized scale. I got what I came for, and more.

I met awesome, inspirational people, and looked forward before every class to being surrounded by a beautiful farm while learning more about how to grow food. (And lunch was delicious every time!)

Whether you’re interested in becoming an full-time organic farmer or you just want to produce delicious, healthy food in your backyard, Lynn Pugh’s legendary Organic Growing course will teach you the basics so you can start growing sustainably. This year the course will move to a different format with the classroom component being on-line and the on-farm component as field experiences on the farm. The course is also being offered in individual segments, of 4 units each: Fundamentals of Organic Growing, Practices of Organic Growing, and Business of Organic Growing.

The on-line presentations and lessons will give you the fundamentals and then you can come to Cane Creek Farm where you will experience everything from seed starting to soil biology. It’s okay if you’re a total newbie!

And if you’re an experienced gardener, you’ll learn a lot too; Lynn teaches from the state’s first-ever organic curriculum, which she developed. You’ll also get to tour area farms and learn from other experienced farmers!

This winter the first course, Fundamentals of Organic Growing will start on Feb 27 with the field experiences on: March 5, 19, April 2, 16. The other two segments will follow with the same format.

Once the course begins, you may access it 24 hours a day, at whatever time is convenient for you. (The course will not be accessible to registered participants until the day the course starts.) The Organic Growing Courses are self-paced and 100% online, allowing you to participate at whatever level of engagement you find most comfortable. There are no “live” lectures in this course; you may access the content at any time.

New lessons will be posted every other Friday afternoon. Once posted, you may access that content throughout the rest of the course. In other words, you may go back to earlier course content but can’t move ahead to content that hasn’t yet been posted.

You may expect to spend 2 hours per week fulfilling the required reading and other components of the course (including online discussion and farm/garden specific plans). Supplemental offerings are optional and may increase the amount of time you spend in the course. Basic computer and Web navigation skills will be necessary to access the course.

Course content will no longer be available once the course ends on the last day of class.

 Organic Growing Course Field Experiences are held at Cane Creek Farm every other Saturday morning starting the week after the course starts. A field trip to a nearby sustainable farm will be scheduled for one of the weeks for the Fundamentals course and one of the weeks of the Practices course. The field experience provides hands on opportunities to learn farming skills and become familiar with the work of farming. Tools, techniques and other practical matters will be discussed and experienced. This is where you get to experience the fun and fulfillment of farming! Interactions with fellow students will enrich the course experience, so we will enjoy a lunch together at the end of the morning.

 Cancellation Policy

Online course registrations are non-refundable. Registration occurs at the moment the course is purchased online. Please ensure you are comfortable with the structure and dates of the course, and have the skills and equipment required to participate before you register.

If you have questions, contact Lynn at

Discount if registering for all three courses with field experiences $600. Use coupon code ogcdiscount

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Lunch N’ Learn 2016


Cane Creek Farm’s Lunch N’ Learn Series is held on the second Wednesday of each month, March through October. The active learning experiences take place at the farm, 11 AM – 1 PM, and include a simple lunch made from farm produce and ingredients. The variety of topics are geared towards the backyard farmer who can take the learnings home and implement a new sustainable practice or hobby. The classes are $35 per person, limited to 10 participants, and advance registration is required.

Topics and dates:

March 9 – Start your own vegetable and flower transplants

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April 13 – Plant an organic raised vegetable bed

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May 11 – Plant an organic cut flower bed

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June 8 –  Grow shitake mushrooms, inoculate a log 

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July 20 – Arrange garden flower bouquets

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August 10 – Plant an organic fall garden

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September 14 – Identify medicinal plants and their uses

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October 12 – Grow shitake mushrooms, inoculate a log

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