Making Good Food Taste Great!!

Posted July 16th, 2011 in Blog by Evelyn

I have been  interested in good food and healthy living all my life. I grew up in a family where most of my Aunts were foodies, we just didn’t call them foodies, cause it was the 1970’s and the term hadn’t been invented yet.

One of my very first jobs was for a company called ‘Deep Roots Trading Company’. It was a health food store that produced alphalfa sprouts and mung beans in the garage behind the store for distribution through out the Northeast. It was 1979 and I thought I was really living the ‘Mother Earth News’ lifestyle.

And very close to where I grew up was a farm called ‘Walnut Acres’. Back in the day, it was a local farm that was talking  organic, long before anyone coined the phrase “Green Movement”. Today it is nationally known as an innovator in producing organic foods. I could go on, but my love for farm markets and fresh sliced summer tomatoes is decades old.

So, volunteering at Cane Creek Farm is a natural progression for me. However, you would think that with all this exposure to good food and creative examples on what to do with it, something would have stuck. No such luck… my repertoire of recipes involves a knife and some salt, maybe pepper, but mostly salt. Slice and munch, thats as far as I have gotten in developing my own foodie talents.

So, once I have my share of good food from Cane Creeks weekly distributions. I am alittle perplexed as to what to do next. After all… what does one do with Swiss Chard besides simmer it into submission?? This is where ears become very helpful during the harvests. The group of volunteers that come out to the farm each week is super helpful in sharing their ideas, recipes and experiences. I am learning in leeps and bounds all kinds of things that are helping me create, grow and define my own recipe repertoire.

During one such exchange, a fellow volunteer shared the awesome recipe collection that can be found on Cane Creeks CSA listing on the ‘Local Harvest’ website. If you have not discovered it yet, you must go see the humongous collection of recipes on this site. Just use the link below, all of the produce, meats and products that Cane Creek carries is summarized seasonally for easy reference on this listing. And beside each item is a pencil and recipe card, simple click on the icon and you will be linked to a listing of recipes just for that vegetable!!! Beets for example, have 126 recipes listed!!!

Does it sound like I am having fun?? I really am. One of my most favorite things is a fresh sliced tomatoe, salt and pepper, fresh basil leaves and a little onion on a multi-grain flat bread covered in Mayo, but I now know at least where to find other options when the mood arises!


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  1. Bill Flather says:

    Stumbled on your reference to Deep Roots Trading company; I too “broke out” sprouts for a couple months while between jobs, around 1980. I lived up the street a couple blocks so could walk to the garage for work. Always had to wait for that last minute call that the sprouts were ready! AAAAHHHHHHHH!
    Sad that neither Deep Roots nor Walnut Acres still exist. Very sad how Walnut Acres was dissasembled just to harvest the brand name.
    Wishing you the best, Bill (still in central PA)